The three brothers – Assaf, Mansour and Aref – are natural-born sculptors, passing down a heritage of carving stone through the generations. They initially took the profession from their father Kamil Assaf and have since developed it through the appreciation of ratios, dimensions, and the aesthetic standards of architecture and artistic sculpturing.

They were also influenced by the works of their godfather, Fine artist Aref el Rayyes, and those of their uncle,Fine artist Fouad el Werhani.
They built their house based on the rural, environmental traits of the indigenous culture, as a model for an architectural art that combines modernity with history.

Constructed from natural stones with wooden ceilings interposed with clay and hay, all topped with a green roof of soil adorned with green grass. The basement, built with traditional rib-vault architecture, holds sculptures that embody artists and creative people from Lebanon and the Arab world.

How to get there
Atelier Assaf
Al Warhaniyah, Al Boussail, Breeh road 3 km from Nabeh Al Safa, Mont-Liban, Lebanon. Tel: 71 211 915