Beit Tamanna is a dream-like guesthouse in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Beirut. Why dream-like? Because it is conceptualized by renowned 13 Lebanese and international designers and architects, who realized their unbounded visions for each of the eight rooms of the guesthouse.

The hills are alive by Bokja

Spread over 400 wondrous square meters and nestled within traditional Lebanese architecture, Beit Tamanna’s breathtaking guest rooms present their own charming identity. The central spaces, including a living and dining area, are where guests come together, in an inspiring setting.


Each designer, architect and decorator envisioned their dream room, and designed it based on their signature style and aligned with the mission of the organization. Their inspiration was left unbounded.

All the proceeds go towards fulfilling the dreams of critically ill children of Tamanna NGO.


Beit Tamanna,

Gemmayzeh, Achrafieh, Beirut

961 76 703 719