Al Tall Square is a historical place in the heart of Tripoli. Famous for its Ottoman Clock Tower, its public Garden, Nawfal Place, cafe Al Tall AlOulya and many Ottoman and Colonial buildings.

The nearby Café Al Tal Al Oulya is a veritable oasis to escape the hustle and bustle. One way to reach it from Al Tall main road, opposite the municipality and walk up a long stairway decorated with colourful murals. At the top is a mosque and following the walkway to the left, you will soon see the entrance to the café. A second entrance behind Chahine Hospital.

Cafe Al Tal al Oulya was built back in 1870 in the heart of Tripoli. The popular Cafe had always kept its popular cachet throughout history offering a family escape to different social community.

It’s a perfect spot to have a cold lemonade in summer or a tea with peppermint and some grilled meat, to read a book, to write or just observe the surroundings.

Back in the days, in the 1960s and before the war irrevocably changed Lebanon, many Tripolians would come to the café on warm summer nights to watch movies open air…

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