More than 4000 years ago, vines were already growing in the land of Canaan, what is today Lebanon. Our Phoenicians ancestors were among the first to ferment grape juice from the vines growing in the Bekaa valley.

The West Bekaa region offers a rich cultural heritage and history.
On your way from the Shouf region to Kefraya, don’t miss Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve and the 19th century Beit-Eddine Palace, together with the spectacular view over the Bekaa valley.

Château Kefraya offers a guided tour of the estate. The “train” leaves l’Allée du Château and takes you to a tour of the vineyards, until the “observation point” and its panoramic view over the vines.

Explore the exceptional site of Dahr-el-Moghr and its hypogea or underground tomb, a reminiscence of the Roman presence in the 3rd century A.D.

In the museum, discover Château Kefraya’s history, then take a tour of the cellar where you will learn the different steps of winemaking before reaching the Treasure Room where Château Kefraya’s most valuable vintages rest, some of them being still available for sale at the boutique.

Arak lovers will enjoy the Alembic Room where our Arak is distilled exclusively from grapes.


Chateau Kefraya winery, Kefraya,

Tel: 961 8 645 333 / 444