In 2009 the Domaine de Taanayel and arcenciel signed a long term partnership deal of which the mission is to enhance the environment for social work services. The objective is to make the Domaine an agricultural center and a main tourist attraction with innovative activities.

Under this context, at Taanayel, one form of participation in sustainable development is articulated at the Ecolodge and the Khan which are coupled in the field, where discovery and awareness activities are organized for everyone.

Domaine de Taanayel is a property for the Jesuit Father since 1860, the Domaine is well known across the Bekaa. People can spend the whole day in the Domaine watching the seasons change,  and experience nature.

The Domaine offers Ecotourism activities such as: hiking, cycling, horse riding, carriage rides, an educational farm, Accrobranche, mud-bricks workshops, rope courses for school groups.

The area is equipped with convenient guide posts, which sensitizes the public to the discovery of cultures and respect of the environment. The Domaine’s dairy farm offers groups a breakfast which includes all kinds of drinks, dairy products, jams, candies and indulgences.

Also the Domaine offers accommodations (Taanayel Ecolodge), and a restaurant ( Khan El Maksoud). Khan el Maksoud restaurant and the ecolodge are located opposite to Taanayel Domaine.

Note that each year, Arak festival is held at Khan el Maksoud during the month of September.

For more information: +961 (0)8 540 066