The village of Saghbine hides a hidden treasure, the small scale Ice Cream maker, Joseph Masrouaa’s Saghbine Natural Ice Cream. He inherited the tradition of Ice Cream making from his father . The small Ice Cream shop located in the main street of the village is low key with the simple sign Saghbine’s Natural Ice Cream, Lemonade.

To prepare his Ice Cream, Masrouaa uses fresh goat’s milk from local farmers, as well as fresh fruits for his different flavours. His Ice Cream is characterized by its elasticity. Masrouaa explains that “the quality of the salep used is key in achieving the desirable consistency, salep from Istanbul being the best”.

Masrouaa prepares his basic ice cream mixture by boiling milk with salep, mastic gum, orange blossom water and sugar. Then he flavours the different batches with fresh fruits and nuts. The flavours of ice cream change with every fruit season. At his place, you can enjoy  the following ice cream types: almond, milk, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, honeydew melon, watermelon, lemon and mulberry. His fresh lemonade is as famous as his ice cream.


Joseph Masrouaa ice cream, Saghbine.

Tel: 08 670078