Combining endless sunny days, wonderful beaches, ancient history and tradition, Batroun has become one of the premium tourist destination. Here our list of  affordable or for free beaches in Batroun area. All the beaches are located on the old road between Chekka, Batroun, Kfarabida and Thoum.

Blu Bay beach, Batroun 

One of the best beaches in Batroun. Entrance is free. Its located near Sawary beach .

Bahsa beach, Batroun

Al Bahsa Beach also known as “Ma23ad el Mir” or “the Prince Seat” is a beach located in the old part of Batroun. Largely known by Batrouni citizen, this beach is their cherished place. Free entrance.

Nowwhere beach, El Heri, Chekka

Tel: 76654333

Kfarabida public beach

Free entrance.

Joining Beach

Free entrance.

O’Glacee’ beach

Phone: 06 741 841

White Beach

Phone: 06 742404,  06 742505

Pierre and friends beach

Free entrance, Phone: 03 352 930

Main bridge, Madfoun sea road.

Loco Beach 

Phone: 76 744 844


Colonel Beer/Colonel Reef

Colonel Reef is Colonel Beer beach shore, free entrance.

Tel : 03/743543 – 06/743543


Eleven Bay/Taiga beach , Kfarabida

Tel: 71 414 441

Rocca Marina beach, El Heri

Tel:  81 714 444


Abou Ali Beach, Kfarabida

This sandy beach is tucked into a small bay on the shore of Kfarabida just before Jammal restaurant. Free entrance