Trip to Kannoubine valley 

Visit to Saint Lichaa Monastery ( Reachable by car)

Mar Elyshaa is one the most important monasteries in the Holy Valley, comparable to Our Lady of Qannoubine, Our Lady of Howqa and Anthony Qozhayya.It is the scene of one of those uplifting Maronite sagas which make up a long history of holiness, of intellectual life and of heroism, cradled and flourishing in Lebanon but casting its rays over the whole Middle East. Read more

Take the mini bus to the heart of Kannoubine valley or 1:30 hours hiking ( 3 hours hiking both ways, very easy and enjoyable hike)


Visit to Kannoubine monastery ( 30 min hike after taking the mini bus)

Deir Qannoubine served as a fortress palace for the Maronite Patriarchs from the 15th to the 19th centuries. The monastery’s church, half built into the rock, is decorated with frescoes from the 18th-19th centuries. The eastern apse has a Deisis (a representation of Christ between the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist) with St. Stephanus taking the place of St. John the Baptist. Read more

Visit to Saint Marina church ( 30 min hike from Kannoubine Monastery)

There are six well known saints with the name of Marina or Marinos – Marina the Monk (or Marina the Syrian), Marina the Martyr of Antioch, Marina of Spain, Marina of Alexandria, Marina of Sicily and Marina the Cistercian. However, there are most likely two who have truly existed — Marina of Antioch who accepted martyrdom for her faith and Marina the Monk who suffered the consequences of her imposture as a male monk in the Monastery of Qannoubine, Lebanon

According to the most ancient accounts on Saint Marina the Monk, only one place of origin could be hers — Lebanon. The only origin of Saint Marina must be the one known to us according to tradition and since the only tradition about this Saint is found among the Maronites of Lebanon, then Lebanon is to be considered the land of her birth (Clugnet 1904: 565). The Maronites resolutely believe that Marina originated in Lebanon and that as a monk she has lived and died in the Monastery of Qannoubine in the Holy Valley of Qadisha.

Lunch at Abou Joseph resto, Kannoubine ( optional)

A unique restaurant in the heart of Kannoubine valley. Abou Joseph restaurant is a family business serving traditional Lebanese food. The restaurant is located near the old Kannoubine monastery and Saint Marina church.