Also known as Qasrnaba, this rural village is well known for its hilly terrain, deep valleys, and agricultural lifestyle. Most Qsarnabans are traditional farmers who maintain vineyards and wild rose flowers for rosewater extraction, not to mention cherries, apricots, figs and tobacco. The town is 14.5 kilometers (nine miles) northeast of Zahle in the Baalbek-Hermel District.



Qasr Naba is home to the second-widest Roman temple in Lebanon. Its features resemble those of the Great Temple in Niha, and it retains its huge stairways and foundations. Archeologists say what was uncovered is only the top level of the temple, the rest of which is believed to be buried under the entire village. Aside from the temple, you’ll be able to see al-Maqtaa, the stone quarry, where the Romans cut the stones they used for building the temple.