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Duris,  is a village located approximately 3km  southwest of Baalbeck in the Bekaa Vally. It is the site of a 13th-century Muslim shrine and a necropolis from the late Roman Imperial period that is currently undergoing archaeological investigation.

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The Qubbat Duris was built in  1243 ( 641) during the Ayyubid era. Its sarcophagus was raised or left standing to serve as a mihrab, helping to direct prayers towardsMecca. Its columns were probably removed from the ruins of nearby Baalbeck Citadel and are assembled haphazardly, one being upside-down. Almost all of these sarcophagi had already been robbed in antiquity, but one had been left intact and contained a rich assemblage of objects.
According to the local inhabitants other sarcophagi had been found from time to time in the surrounding gardens, thus indicating a large necropolis that probably belonged to one of the many suburbs of ancient Baalbek and was situated close to the ancient road along the eastern border of the Beqaa plain.

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The late Roman burials in the necropolis of Douris followed a common pattern: a rectangular limestone sarcophagus was used as coffin. It was put in a simple rock-cut depression in the ground. The exterior walls of the sarcophagi were decorated with rosettes, garlands and other ornaments that were not worked in great detail.

qubbat duris baalbeck