The Rose House was built by Mohammad Ardati in 1882. He built the upper 2 floors of this  house on top of his hunting lodge which is a much older structure.

The Ardati and the Daouk family lived in the house for the first few decades of the 2oth century. During this time several dignitaries came to stay such as General De Gaulle.

The Ardati family leased the first floor of the house to the American Cultural attache Russ Linch and his family from 1959,64. During this time painter John Ferrin lived upstairs.

One of Mohammad Ardati son leased the ground and first floor to El Khazen family from 1965-2014 The artist Sami el Khazen lived on the ground floor, his parents lived on the first floor. Sami sister Fayza lived with them from 1965-66 before she got married.

Shortly after the outbreak of the Lebanese war in 1975, Sami and Fayza went to live in Paris. Their mother Margot el Khazen satyed on living in the house throughout the war.

Sami died in Paris in 1988. In 1997, Fayza came back to Lebanon from Paris to look after her mother Margot.

The owner Adil Ardati died a few years ago without having any children, the Ardati family sold the house , Margot died in 2012, after that Fayza was given 2 years to leave the house.

In April 2014, artist Tom young knocked on the door, Fayza invited him to paint. Over the next 5 months, he painted in the house while Fayza was packing to leave. Fayza left the house in November 2014 and Tom Young didhis exhibition in December 2014.

Hisham Jaroudi, the new owner of the house is intending to renovate the house and continue its life as an exhibition and museum center.