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Trail of Chouchane

The Term ‘Chouchane’ refers to the Lilies and Irises that grow on the Domaine. It also refers to the legendary woman that is believed to have given its name to the place. The Domaine is at the center of an ancient irrigation Delta started by Assyrians and developed in stages by Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders and Ottomans. The starting point of the trails at the city bridge reveals the prominent features of the Domaine and its surroundings:

  1. The Bourge: a strategic defensive rise.
  2. The river and the Ottoman bridge
  3. The irrigation canals, dams, water fall and water mills.
  4. The Kneisseh Mountain, a snow capped water basin covered by a thin soil layer favorable for the growth of distinguished grapes.
  5. The architecture of traditional houses symbolized by the three central arches.

Tarik El Kroum

‘Tarik El Kroum’ is an exquisite tour through the exceptional ‘Chouchane’ grapevines while passing through stations screening attractive historical stages through the olden times.

Station 1: the Tabet mill and the kazoun mill

Station 2: the views from the Chouchane hostel
the french mandate period is still much illustrated from this station, there’s
the french school built in around 1930, it used to be a hospital from the                    French army, and the water conduits used for the electrivity plant

Station 3: the views from sakhret Michel the assyrian statue is still                           providing evidence for the Assyrian era in 883- 605 BC

Tarik Fakreddine

‘Tarik Fakhreddine’ is a journey through the domaine and the Bourge. It goes through a sequence of stations that reveal ecstatic beauty and history.

Station 1: the Bayda canal
after passing through Chouchane bridge the water mill the river and the historical houses, you enter the shaded Bayda canal.

Station 2: the Eddeh water mill
from the water mill once owned by the family of the Lebanese President Eddeh, you see the traditional Lebanese house Ghattas house and hydraulic power plant that lit Kab Elias around the year 1930

Station 4: the impass Aqaba
one of the most challenging site to plant grape vines

Station 5: the bed and breakfast and the cave
la maison de Chouchane bed and breakfast is the perfect place to relax and spend the night if you are loooking for more adventures in the Bekaa valley. Chouchane wine cellar is a tasting venue for all Lebanese wines, all the exquisite Lebanese wine are gracefully offered in our wine boutique. cheers!!