1- The tile of Hardine

The most unique site in Hardine is its inclined natural plate known as the tile of Hardine ( بلاطة حردين ) that runs through it, giving it a unique surreal aspect and showing the action of the tectonic plates millions years ago that shaped Mount Lebanon’s relief. Read more

2- Mercury Roman temple 

The temple of god Mercury With 30 majestic pillars built according to the rare ionic style. This temple known as «the roman Palace of Hardine». It’s a really fantastic one; it goes back to the time of Emperor Hadrian Augustus (117-137 A.D). Read more

3- The Hermitage mountain

17 hermitages are built on top of Hardine mountains. These hermitages were natural caves were Christians take refuge during persecution. The village is naturally protected by the valleys and the rocky mountains around it making it an ideal place for the then new religion (Christianity) to flourish. Read more

4- Visit Hardine 30 Monasteries and Churches

Over 30 monasteries, churches and hermitages still standing or were restored like:

-“St Fawka’s” monastery (6th century)

-“Patriarchal monastery” since the Maronites came to Lebanon, known as “St. Sergios Alkarn”.

-“St John Alchakf” monastery, since the days of the Crusaders. Read more

5- Visit the church of Saint Nimatullah Hardini and his parental house

Hardine is the hometown of one of Lebanon’s four saints, Saint Nimatullah Hardini (1808-58) who was canonised by Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II in 2004. Also you can visit the parentalhouse of the Saint.