1- Baalbeck Citadel

The complex of temples at Baalbek is located at the foot of the south-west slope of Anti-Lebanon, bordering the fertile plain of the Bekaa at an altitude of 1150 m.  The city of Baalbek reached its apogee during Roman times.


2- Stone of the the pregnant woman

The largest stone ever found in the world is the Stone of The South or Hajar al Hobla in Baalbek.  So how in the world did someone cut 1500 tons limestone stone with extreme precision, transport them and stack them 7 meters high? Read more 

baalbeck largest stone

3- Iaal Column

Iaat is a town and municipality located in the Bekaa Valley mostly famous for its Corinthian column. The column stands at 18 meters (59.1 feet) it is installed on a four huge stone steps. Read more 

Iaat column

4- Qubbat Duris

Duris,  is a village located approximately 3km  southwest of Baalbeck in the Bekaa Vally. It is the site of a 13th-century Muslim shrine and a necropolis from the late Roman Imperial period that is currently undergoing archaeological investigation. Read more

qubbat duris baalbeck

5- Sayda Khawla Shrine

The shrine of Sayyida Khawla, the daughter of Imam Hussein and great granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad, is a religious tourist attraction which greets you at the southern entrance of the city of the sun, Baalbek, which was built during the period of the Roman rule. Read more

sitt Khawla shrine, baalbeck

6- Ummayad Mosque

7- Ras el Ain public garden


8- Palmyra Historic hotel

Since it was built in 1874, the Hotel Palmyra has never been closed, not for one day. With windows overlooking the ancient Roman temple ruins of Heliopolis, the hotel has entertained famed and favored visitors to Baalbeck for many an era. Read more

palmyra hotel baalbeck

9- Try Sfiha Baalbackieh

Sfiha Baalbakiyeh is local speciality in Baalbeck. Its similar to Lahm bi Ajin, but the taste and the shape are different. A visit to the butcher then to the bakers is a must do when you visit Baalbeck.


10- Baalbeck International Festival

The Baalbeck International Festival is the oldest and most prestigious cultural event in the Middle East with a history that spanx six decades. The Festival was launched in 1956 when the President of the Lebanese Republic, Camille Chamoun, announced its creation. Read more

baalbeck festival 2016