Batroun is a coastal city in northern Lebanon and one of the oldest cities in the world. Batroun is a major tourist destination in North Lebanon. The town boasts historic churches, a citadel, old streets, Phoenician wall and is also a major beach resort with a vibrant nightlife. These are in brief 10 things to do in Batroun.

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1- Saint Stefano churchbatroun 12- Batroun old harbor

batroun 2

3- Phoenician wall

batroun4- Makaad el Mir

batroun 5- Saydet el Baher church


6- Strolling in Batroun old streets


7- Mseilha citadel

Mseilha Fort

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9- Enjoy a great meal. Check here 

10- Enjoy drinking Lemonade, Batroun speciality drink 

11-Batroun international festival 2024 

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