1- Gibran Khalil Gibran museum

In 1932, the content of Gibran’s studio in New York, including his furniture, his personal belongings, his private library, his manuscripts and 440 original paintings, was transferred to his native town Bsharreh. Today, these items form the content of the Gibran museum. Read more

2- Cedars of God Forest

Located just eight kilometers from Bcharre, The Cedars is one of Lebanon’s most beautiful nature reserves and home to the oldesr Cedar Forest.

The area used to be an immense forest of cedars, cypresses, pines and oaks. Deforestation started in 3000 BC when the wood was used for vessels, constructions and mummification. Attempts to protect the forest started in the second century, yet deforestation continued. Read more

3- Kannoubine valley

Kannoubine Valley is a world apart, and one of the most amazing places in Lebanon and the world. The beauty and the holiness of this place are incomparable t any place we had ever visited. Read more

4- Lezzeb Kingdom, Rabiaa

Lazzab, the Arabic name for juniper, is an evergreen coniferous tree of the cypress family Cupressaceae. The most common juniper species in Lebanon are the Juniperus excelsa (Greek Juniper) and the Juniperus foetidissima (Fetid Juniper). Read more.

5- Ouyoun Orghoch

Oyoun Orghosh is a name in plural form given to a high mountain region with an abundance of springs of water on the Eastern face of Cornet es-Sawda, the highest mountain of Lebanon that dominates the Beqaa Valley. Read more.

6- Qadisha grotto

The 10-million-year-old Qadisha Grotto was first discovered in 1903, but it wasn’t until 1923, at the onset of the Qadisha electric project, that real exploration commenced. At present, 778 metres of cave have been fully surveyed, revealing a dazzling collection of stalactites and stalagmites in wonderful colours. Read more

7-Bekaa Kafra village

Tucked away on the highest hill in Lebanon and the Middle East, Bekaakafra is a small town whose streets are always scented with the aroma of the holy valley of Qanoubine, where the sound of canticles and prayers echo constantly…It is an exemplary town blessed by his holiness Saint Charbel Makhlouf, for his countless miracles and healings. Read more

8- Summer snow walls

One of most amazing Lebanese experience during summer is crossing high snow wall and mountain road during summer time. Due to large amount of snow this winter in Lebanon, the snow will remain until September eventually. Read more.

9- The Phoenician tomb

In the hills above Bcharre can be found a large stone obelisk thought to date back to 750 BC. At the base of the obelisk is a burial chamber and ledges for four coffins. Read more


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