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Mustafa Agha Barbar(1767 – 28 April 1835) was a governor of the Ottoman provinces of Tripoli, Lebanon and Latakia, Syria for the Ottomans. He ruled between 1800–08, 1810–20 and 1821-35.

Barbar agha citadel

Barbar Agha citadel

Barbar was appointed governor of Tripoli by the Ottomans in 1798. In the early 19th century, he had extensive restoration work done on the Citadel of Tripoli (castle of St Gilles), resulting in its present state.

Barbar Agha Citadel


Barbar Agha

Built in 1816, the Citadel sits on a high hill overlooking a wide panoramic view in Iaal, Zgharta caza. Barbar was appointed Governor of Tripoli by the Ottomans in 1798. He built his castle here because of the strategic location and perhaps also because of the sense of calm and security it provided. Even today from this hilltop, visitors can look down on olive orchards, wild gardens and a clear view of Tripoli and the Mediterranean coast.

Barbar Agha Citadel


Barbar Agha Citadel


Unfortunately, the castle has lost most of its roof, except for the section where some of Barbar’s modern descendants are now living. Behind the fortress a small graveyard holds the marble tombs of Barbar and his family. There is also a mosque and some old barracks in this part of the castle grounds.

Iaal Fortress can be reached by going through Zghartaand turning left towards the town of Khaldieh. Iaal village, with its population of about 1,000 people, is only 6km from Zgharta.

Barbar Agha Citadel

barbar agha citadel