Ahla w Sahla bi Beit El Qamar! Your Grandma’s mountain house in the heart of the Chouf. Beit El Qamar sits on a hill above Deir el Qamar, Lebanon’s old capital, adorned with Emir palaces and a unique old residential quarter.

Beit El Qamar is a beautiful, quaint home surrounded by vegetable gardens and colorful terraces, with old botanical plates adorning the interior walls that whimsically echo the floral-wrapped furniture. The garden floor of Beit El Qamar is dedicated to our favorite thing: the making and eating of food!

The first floor of the house has spacious, communal living areas. Gather around the Sobia with your friends, family, or other guests, sit along the Pink Table, or sink comfortably into the plush cushions of the projection room.

But while the interior of the home was restored and decorated with thoughtful touches, with plenty of space to eat and relax, this guesthouse is all about spending time outside! Our sweeping stone terraces encourage guests to take time over their food, and spend time with their loved ones, while our lazy padded sun chairs invite you to really soak in the scenery, read a book, and snap a few photos.


Beit El Qamar, Deir El Qamar.

For more information call at +961 5 511 722 or +961 3 661 411, or email  at info@beitelqamar.com.