Deir el Salib is a monastery/church located inside a large cave in the valley of Houlat, part of the Qannoubine valley, under the village of Hadchit. The cave is about 15 m high and 16 m deep. The first settlement on this site dates back to 6th/7th century. The main part of the monastery and the church date back between the 11th century and 12th century. The church and its surrounding buildings were still in use until at least the 17th century.

This monastery conserves the ruins of a double nave church, a cistern carved into the rock, and the remain of hermitages in four small caves. Access to thoses hermitages was possible with ropes and wooden ladders. The monastery consists in 2 terrasses and a partially covered lower one, while the upper one is completely covered with the ceiling of the cave. 

Wall paintings representing figure of Saints cover the surface of the two apses while a crucification. a unique representation , adorns the pillar located between the 2 arches which separate the two chapels. 


المشي في وادي قنوبين وزيارة اقدم الاديرة، دير الصليب . Hiking in Kannoujine valley and visiting the old historical monastery of Deir el Salib

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