Activist Marina Fenianos, in cooperation with Ehdeniya Youth Association and the municipality of Zgharta-Ehden, organized a walking tour in Ehden, on Sunday, July 16, with the presence of researcher/historian Roy Araiji and the participation of about 30 people from Ehden and different Lebanese regions.

The tour, which is being organized for the second time, aimed at introducing the participants to Ehden religious history, churches, monasteries and national heroes.

The departure took place from Saydet al-Hosn Church, then the participants were received by the Minister of Information Mr Ziad Makari. Then they moved to Al-Kubra building, where Araiji showed them its history, telling the story of the neighborhood and the personalities that lived in it.

Then the participants continued their walk towards the statue of the honorable scholar, Patriarch Estephan Douaihy, all the way to the Church of Mar Mama, where they learned about its history and some of the personalities that were buried in its surroundings, especially among the men of the hero of Lebanon, Youssef Bey Karam, and Patriarch John Makhlouf, whose statue is erected in Mar Mema courtyard.

After an explanation about the history of Ehden Hospital building, the tour headed to Al-Kutla Square, and it was a presentation of the importance of this site.

Then the tour headed towards Al-Aqiba neighborhood, with its modest and luxurious old houses, where the family of Mr. Hanna Ghaleb Franjieh received the participants in their heritage house, and an explanation was given about the history of the house.

Then to the Church of Our Lady of the Miraculous Al-Hara before reaching the Monastery of St. Jacob the Ahbash overlooking Wadi Al-Qatin , and the final stop was the Monastery of Mart Mora overlooking Wadi Shorya where the Maronite Order was founded.

At the end, the owners of the Casita Café, hosted the participants, and offered cold juices, the te participants returned back to Sayedat al-Hosn in Dunyana Association bus.

Marina Fenianos (Activist, tour organizer): Tel 70 060308

Roy Arayji( Historian, researcher): Tel 03 499516


Ehden tour

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