Karaz Guesthouse is designed to offer our guests a unique experience of Ehden’s contemporary energy and traditional charm. It is perfectly located in the heart of Ehden, overlooking Al Midan main square where you can enjoy all the cafés and restaurants.

The 200 years old mansion turned into Karaz Guesthouse aims to welcome guests into the classic Lebanese architecture with its classical arches, high stoned ceilings and large glass windows overseeing the Ehden square.

Situated in the old town’s center Karaz Guesthouse offers the best experience going from the warm approach of the welcoming team, to the comfort of the overnight stay, and the breathtaking and fun entourage, Karaz Guesthouse is the ultimate Ehden experience to its guests.



In the heart of the northern mountains, located at a 1,450 meters above the coast, Ehden is the ultimate fun and relaxation destination. 20 minutes from the Cedars Mountains and 30 minutes from the Mediterranean coast, the beautiful village is ideally located.

Karaz Guesthouse oversees Al Midan square, the center and heart of the town where all the restaurants are located ranging from the classic Lebanese food and atmosphere to quick bites. Also the town holds a multitude of spots to visit and see in addition to a numerous activities.


 Old town, main street
Ehden, Lebanon

Tel: 76660155