One of my favorite places to visit in Lebanon is Mir Amin Palace Hotel in Beiteddine. A trip back in time in this  historical Palace. A palace turned hotel in the greenish region of Beiteddine.

Mir Amin Palace is Lebanon’s best example of early 19th century Lebanese architecture, was built by Emir Bechir El Chehab II also known as Emir Bashir the Great (1767-1850) for his son the Prince Amin.

The delightful architecture and greenery of Mir Amin Palace is a miniature copy of Beitedine Palace.Emir Bashir the Great had built a Palace for each of his three sons, Qassim, Khalil and Amin.

What impress you first on  your arrival is the special cachet of the palace that remained untouched, the history is always there. At your arrival, you are welcomed with Lebanese coffee and traditional music.

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The decoration’s components of the Palace were borrowed from the local tradition, Prince Bechir had called Syrian craftmen. Therefore the ceilings and the panelings are of traditional Damascene inspiration.

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Abou Rami playing “Bouzou2″ over the lunch.

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The Mir Amin Palace Hotel had 3 sections or courts: The outer section or Dar al Baranieh,The middle section or Dar Al Westa, the inner section or Dar El Harim. The Palace of Emir Amin dominates his father palace, the Beiteddine Palace and the historical city of Deir el Qamar, the City of the Emirs.

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Plunging into the magnificent pool with its mosaic oriental rug bottom.

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Always greeted by those beautiful faces…..


Mir Amin hotel, Beiteddine El Shouf tel: 05 501 315