Oyoun Orghosh is a name in plural form given to a high mountain region with an abundance of springs of water on the Eastern face of Cornet es-Sawda, the highest mountain of Lebanon that dominates the Beqaa Valley.

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The landscape is somewhat bare of vegetation, relieved only by a few scattered trees, either junipers or Mediterranean oaks, and without the usual cultivated terraces that climb most Lebanese mountain slopes however steep. There are only a few patches of plough land, for the area was never easy to reach in the past.

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Oyoun Orghosh is lower down at an altitude of about 8.000 feet; it is neither village nor even hamlet, just a few little houses and restaurants, and a place to visit where one can relax, breathe fresh air, find welcome repose, and admire the splendors of Nature.

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The place is some eighty miles from Beirut, forty from Zahleh and ten from Ainata. It is accessible not only from the Cedars and Saydat en-Najat but also from Baalbek through Al-Qaa and Ainata or from Wadi Faara.

Restaurants in Oyoun Orghoch:

Hala restaurant, phone: 70 138296/03 842384

Mat3am el Samak, phone: 70 982761/ 03 517721

Zein restaurant, phone: 06 672553/ 03 699919

Golden House restaurant, phone: 03 947542/ 70 964858

Skala restaurant, phone: 03 383087

Al Rabih restaurant, phone: 03 382385/ 03 924767

Al Bouhayra restaurant, phone: 03 544967