The largest of Lebanon forest, Kamouha forest stretches from Fnaideq  to Akkar el Atika in the caza of Akkar . Kamouaa is considered as the largest forest in the middle east.

The surrounding heights rise to 2,454 meters of forests and remarkable trees such as junipers, hairy oaks, cypresses, cedars and Cilician firs. Judged by its cedars trees, geologists say that these historic forests are at least a thousand years old. The plains of Kamouaa lie at 1,450 metres altitude in a sort of depression between the mountains.

The Forest of the Iron Oaks  غابة العذر:

Specialists, including ecologists, insist that the forest of hairy/iron oaks is considered among the most beautiful forests in the world. It stands at an altitude of 1,600 metres and is considered unique in its charm. It is named after  more than 4,000 hairy oaks/Iron Oaks and 100 varieties of wild flower. This particular tree is of outstanding interest. A square kilometre of hairy oak forest gives 600 tons of oxygen per year and absorbs more than 700 tons of carbon dioxide gas.

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