Bakka, Bekka or Beka is a village and municipality situated 85 kilometres  east of Beirut in the Rashaya District of theBeqaa Governorate in Lebanon

The Wadi Bakka or Wadi Bekka runs alongside the village. The wadi was the scene of the Battle of Wadi Bakka where a Druze uprising was put down by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt during the 1838 Druze revolt.

There are the ruins of a Roman temple in the village that are included in a group of Temples of Mount Hermon. George Taylor classified it as a prostylos temple and noted that the north and south walls remained standing and the podium floor had survived. The site has been heavily damaged by local construction of houses over the site. The temple featured an underground crypt that was accessible via one of the houses that had been built over it.

Edward Robinson suggested that word bakka could have derived from the later Arabic meaning of crowd. Others have linked it to the Hebrew word bikha meaning plain