From farmers’ market that began in 2004, highlighting rural produce in the urban environment, to our regional food festivals Food & Feast that began in 2007, celebrating local traditions, produce, and cuisine, Souk el Tayeb expanded again in 2009 into the Farmers’ Kitchen, Tawlet. The first location opened in the neighbourhood of Mar Mikhael, Beirut, and we now have locations throughout the country!

Our Tawlets are places where cooks tell their stories and traditions through authentic homemade cuisine. Inspired by the hospitality of Lebanese homes, we offer regional cuisine made by local cooks that come from all over Lebanon. The open-kitchen style breaks the barriers between those who cook food and those who eat it, giving visitors and cooks the opportunity to talk together about the food and the special significance of each region it comes from.

nspired by the same vision of celebrating food and traditions that unite communities, and in the spirit of sustainable agriculture, Tawlet is a social business, where profit is generated to support farmers, cooks, and producers. The furniture and décor have all been carefully selected, proudly showcasing the skills and talent by local artists, artisans, and designers.