39 meters high

70 human body sculptured

The largest natural sculpture in the world

The idea rose from the existence of dead trees in the cedars forest, so that they won’t be cut and disposed unremembered, and so that their story remians and lives. Rudy Rahme came up with the idea of making the forest a natural museum, supported and assisted by the Committee of the Cedars Forest.

rudy rahme


rudy rahme

The sculpture took 7 long and cold years except for the snowy days, and it tells the story of humanity and its creation. It continues 70 human sculptured bodies, and was carved using the direct-sculpture method i.e no pre-models were done.

rudy rahme

rudy rahme

NB: The Trinity Square is inside Cedars of God Forest in Bchareh.

The Trinity Square… in Rudy Rahme’s words

“In the ancient forest where the touches of the gods live

In the cedars, where the legend of time lives, holding the trees from 1000s of years, writing on their brunette skin, stories and stories, telling us about some of the age of this earth; in the forest of time, where eagles grab the little stories of the cedar pines, and fly with them to the valley of the saints. Here, in the middle of this battle, where cedar branches hug the wind, as if earth fell in love with and adored the morning breezes.

Yes in this forest, the stem of the cedar rises as if it was a spear, grabbing the seasons, the seasons of earth and rises with them to write on the pages of heaven. In the cedars forest, a giant is standing up in the face of wind, breaking it and it breaks him back and the battle goes on and on. If the cedar breaks, it becomes the wind of the earth, but if the wind breaks on its forehead, echoes scatter to fill the valley… The wind and the cedars are one… they are one… the wind carries the snow that covers its branches in meters, this snow, the first witness on the birth of the soul.

In this forest, ancient cedars that may have been struck by storms and some of it remained standing. We step in slowly, as if the forest is Gods first Altar, we never dare touch a single broken branch that has been broken or torn apart in the battle of time. We enter at the sound of the hammer screaming, “I will keep the cedars of time untouchable from the saws of man…”

I saw it in my dream when I was a young boy roaming in its spaces, I heard it telling me, don’t strip me in front of my friends,,, I will become naked before them, yes, I envy them that they are still alive while I was struck by lightening.

Yes, we hear the hammer, we can hear the tree telling it to leave what has already been left, so that it can stay with what shapes left by people and with the sounds that it has heard from the hymns of the valley… But the hammer replies that its sounds will tell a story whose words are louder and whose tunes are softer than all the stories that has been told before…Renovation of life, puts on us things from other lives.

I am a cedar, 4000 years old, days have carved me,,, but then came who will continue my timeless story… In my first stem, a Majestic Jesus, took me to the depths of the earth, He loves to go into the atoms of creation… raising His hands as if they were the hands of time and place.

In the hand of time, we see faces and bodies of humanity, some of which are covered by the skin of the tree, covered because time is unseen. High above lies The Bird Lady, a woman with her arms open where birds land on to get warmth in her hair. You can see oldness; you see some details from a body that has been burdened by the wounds of life… and it is still rising, faces and faces, wherever you looked and turned around this tee… born and reborn from each other… by an unseen power. Yes, this is the right hand with which God has mixed the dough of the earth and the sky.

In the other branch, is the hand of the place, looking over us by a lady high above, that is in labour with the head of her baby coming out; we can see the man that holds this woman high, we see them with clearer details because the place is crystal clear. There is also the face of a kid that becomes a woman, and the kid no longer feeds from his mother’s breast, but his mother feeds from here own mother’s breast.

Life is changing and we can see the face of an old man, the Guard of Time. His hair sinking in the circles of ages, his eye tired by long nights, his nose defies storms and his forehead has been slaughtered by time. Going down to its selves’ cave, bodies and bodies that don’t want to rise… they stayed in the bottom of the tree struggling with their death. And Jesus and his ribs… still adore the earth to carry its sins. His mirror before him, his legs sink in the sand to become the roots that have long kept the tree standing.

Yes, time and place flirt in the tree of creation. In this tree, Jesus is like man, while in the 2nd tree, Jesus is in the peak of this tree, becoming the thorns and nails in the moment of transformation from the pain of earth to the peace of heavens… the old testament lies at the bottom of this tree an old man, whose skin is falling and the tree is cracking and we can see the thorns scratching his skin and the spears stabbing it, as if they are preparing it to be crucified…. awaiting for its great resurrection.

The third tree is the Holly Spirit, in the form of a wing cutting earth to rise as if it was eternal fire.

These 3 trees form “The Trinity Square” of the cedars forest.”

Rudy Rahme