Zahlan Grotto, Sir el Dennieh

This cave is set in strata of calcium and dolomites and belongs to the late Jurassic epoch. The cave was formed  in two main periods. During the first stage which lasted approximately ninety to a hundred and twenty millions years, the land was under the sea. Phone number: 70 322999

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Kaser el Ahlam,Bakhoun

Qasr el Ahlam is a castle located in the village of Bakhoun in Dennieh Casa. It was built by Mohamad Hawchar a Lebanese visionary. It is the work of his life. He needed 25 years and stones from all over the world to achieve it. Phone number:  03 511278. Read more


Sfireh Roman Temple, Sfireh

The Sfireh temple was built in the time of the Emperor Septimius Severus in the 2nd century AD. which explains the name of the village of Sfireh, adapted from Severus. Read more

Jerd Sir el Dennieh

Grand Hotel Sir, Sir el Dennieh

Sir Palace hotel is a historical hotel located in Sir el Dennieh. It was built back in 1934. The hotel is the last testimony of the big days of Lebanese summer spot much appreciated by rich Tripoli families. Phone number:  (06) 490202. Read more