More than 4000 years ago, vines were already growing in the land of Canaan, what is today Lebanon. Our Phoenicians ancestors were among the first to ferment grape juice from the vines growing in the Bekaa valley.

A few centuries later, at the beginning of the first millennium, the Romans – who inherited wine knowledge – built the temple of the god of wine Bacchus in Baalbeck (50km from Kefraya).
The Romans settled for a long period on the land of Kefraya and left many vestiges such as a wine press made of stones…

Our tour wine and tasting will be in the Beqaa valley where we will visit Famous wineries ex Kefraya winery, Ksara winery and Domaine des Tourelles and others.

We will visit the caves, the winery and also the vineyards, and have a tasting session in each winery. In addition to tasting our national alcohol, Arak.

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