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Rising above the town of Ghazir and a winding road, Guineh is made up of very attractive houses widely scattered over wooded heights with balconies giving impressive views dominating the sea. Here we are at altitudes varying from some three thousand to three thousand five hundred feet above sea level.

A massive boulder on which there is a carved bas-relief which made Renan think of the legend of Adonis who was attacked by a great wild boar.

The archeologist Seyrig dated these sculptures definitely to Greco-Roman times. One rock face shows the back view of a hunter with a spear or javelin in his hand facing a bear ready to come upon him and crush him by its weight. The struggle must have ended with the death of both hunter and bear. A seated woman in a medallion to the right is shown weeping. Another rock face at right angles to the first shows a hunter with his lance and his dogs.