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The story of the Al Fundok is a beautiful one. In the 1950s, Judge Boutros Noujaim, president of the supreme court of cassation and Maasser El Shouf native, had a vision of building a school to create a community center in the village near the church. At the beginning, he started asking for help from the villagers, and you can find all the donations still perfectly recorded in beautiful books.

However, these sums were not enough for such an ambitious project, so the judge asked for support from his friends across Lebanon. They all responded to his call, won by his determination, honesty and vision.

Upon completion, the building was gifted to the Greek Catholic monastery Deir El Moukhalles (Monastery of the Holy Savior). It was run by Salvatorian nuns and became one of the largest and most famous schools in Shouf; there were 700 students. Sadly, the school was forced to close during the civil war and the nuns fled. 


In 1993, we undertook the renovation to open the first maison d’hôte in the Shouf. The stewardship of the Saint Michael Auberge was entrusted to the Arc-en-Ciel Association. One more time in 2019, we made the financial and emotional commitment to create Al Fundok. In the continuation of the spirit of the judge’s vision, all the profits will fund Boutros Noujaim Foundation and continue the initial mission of the founder — education.


AlFundok, Maasser El Souf.

Tel: 81 300931