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Jerash Festival 2016 (Southern Theater)

Thursday 21,July (Singer Wael Kfoury)
Friday 22,July (Singer Latifa Tounsiah) & Nida’a Shararaa
Saturday 23,July (Singer Saad Mujarred)
Sunday 24,July (Jordanian Singers (Tony Qattan, Hussein Al-Salman, Yahya Sweiss))
Monday 25,July Jordanian Artists Association celebration
Tuesday 26,July Alahly club for Circassian Folklore
Wednesday 27,July (Singer Kathem Alsaher)
Thursday 28,July (Singer Najwa Karam)
Friday 29,July (Singer Wael Jassar)
Friday 29,July ( Hashimate Band for singing at 4:30 pm
Saturday 30,July (Singer Yara & Singer Adham Al-Nabulsi)

A Lot of Folklore performances From local, Arab and international groups.
Hand crafts and traditional hand made works, and a lot of cultural activities on ArtimisĀ  Theater.

For more info and ticketing, click here