Under the patronage of the Municipality of Chekka, Karim Boukarim will be hosting his first solo photography exhibition to display the finest photos he has captured during his three trips to Iceland. Iceland: Aurora & Landscape.

Karim Boukarim has been a hobbyist photographer for almost 7 years, with his attention being on night photography. He has captured original and diverse photos throughout a multitude of locations around Lebanon. While developing his photography skills, he became inspired in capturing the magic of the Aurora, and in 2014 he decided to venture by himself to Iceland to photograph its beauty.

This exhibition will be unique of its kind in Lebanon, since it displays the gorgeousness of Iceland, its endless landscape, its magnificent waterfalls, its continuous rivers and best of all, its dazzling Aurora, that amazed his eyes and gifted him with unforgettable images that will remain etched in his memory for many years to come.

The exhibition will be held at (The Municipality Palace of Chekka ) for 3 days between May 14 (Sat)-15 (Sun)-16 (Mon). The doors will be open between (6p.m. till 10 pm), so please make sure to come on time to enjoy this exhibition.

N.B. As a tribute to the Municipality of Chekka, and to the city itself, he will also be displaying photos he captured in and around Chekka throughout his years.

karim boukarim