Roberto Bolle and Friends
Saturday, July 1st
Steps of Bacchus Temple
Created in 2008, after 8 years of enormous successes gathered all over Italy and abroad, the by-then famous “Roberto Bolle and Friends” Gala began looking for locations that would normally be considered highly unusual for the typical ballet requirements. Locations, at this point, had become as important and peculiar to the “Roberto Bolle and Friends” appointment as the repertoire performed on stage. The gala transpired in many places, including but not limited to: The Coliseum in Rome, Duomo Square in Milan, Plebiscito Square in Naples and San Marco square in Venice. Since then, this dance show has become a flagship event touring the most prestigious venues in the world, with performances that are drawn from classical, modern and contemporary repertoires.
Renowned as the new Nureyev, international star dancer Roberto Bolle will be performing with an international cast of star dancers at this year’s Baalbeck Festival. This not-to-be-missed international event will celebrate the magnificent restoration works undertaken by the Italian government on the Bacchus temple interior and on the six columns of the temple of Jupiter classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

The Al-Kindi Ensemble with Sheikh Hamed Daoud and the Damascus Whirling Dervishes

Sunday, July 2nd,

Steps of Bacchus Temple

The Al-Kindi ensemble is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Baalbeck! Founded by qânun virtuoso Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss (1953-2015), the Al-Kindi ensemble has resumed its journey under the musical direction of riqq master Adel Shams el Din. A new ensemble has been formed around the original nucleus with Sheikh Hamed Daoud, extraordinary vocalist of Sufi songs from Damascus, Khadija el Afritt on the qanun, nay artist Ziad Qadi Amin, Mohamad Qadri Dalal Syrian master of oud, joined by munchid Diaa Daoud and two vocal artists. Three whirling dervishes from the Great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus will accompany the ensemble, and Omar Sarmini, Syrian master of the qasidah, will be the evening’s special guest. The new album “Trance soufie de Damas” is a poetic musical journey, between prayers, invocations, and songs of praise. With the Al-Kindi ensemble, which it had already hosted in 2000 and 2003, the Baalbeck Festival brings moments of intense mystical-religious emotion back to life, magnified by the ecstatic dance of the dervishes. The ensemble’s return to Baalbeck will be a tribute to the group’s master-founder Julien Jalal Eddine Weiss.

Roots in our Hands from Spain and Lebanon, Friday, July 7

A musical dialogue taking place between several Spanish and Lebanese musicians conceived by Spanish artist Nacho Arimany, who knows Lebanon well. Under the direction of Maestra Yasmina Sabbah, the concert will feature Lebanese singer Fabienne Daher and the Université St Joseph Choir, as well as a performance by a flamenco dancer from Spain. “Roots in our Hands” is a colorful and moving journey where sound and movement become the expression of freedom and liberation. This open dialogue between traditional Spanish/ flamenco music and Arabic music will immerse the audience in the roots of millennial cultures. This original creation, which highlights the cultural exchanges that the Baalbeck Festival strives to encourage, is organized in partnership with the Spanish Embassy.

Melhem Zein Friday, July 14, Steps of Bacchus Temple

Acclaimed Lebanese artist Melhem Zein originally from Baalbeck- is performing this summer at the Baalbeck Festival in a long-awaited concert (which was previously postponed due to the pandemic). Nicknamed “Al Rayyes” by his fans, in acknowledgement of his great talent and powerful vocals, Melhem Zein is considered one of the most beautiful and iconic Arab voices. He has performed at the Carthage International Festival, the Jerash International Festival, Lefheis in Jordan, the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, the Cairo Opera, and at the Damascus International Festival. Melhem Zein has also performed in several countries including the United States, South America, Brazil, Mexico, the Bahamas, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy. Recently appointed UNDP Lebanon’s ‘Goodwill Ambassador’, Melhem Zein will perform his favorite hits with his band.

Imany – Voodoo Cello Sunday, July 16 Steps of Bacchus Temple

With Voodoo Cello, French singer, Imany casts a spell on 8 cellos, transforming promine in the history of pop music (from Radiohead to Cat Stevens, as well as the likes of Madon Bonnie Tyler, Hozier, t.A.t.u., Ed Sheran, Imagine Dragons…). Quite naturally, she taps into the combined magic of the strings and of her voice to bewit audience and send an empowering message about the magic of female energy. For the pa years, Imany’s deep voice enchanted all those listening, sung to the beat of tunes tapping soul, folk and blues repertoires. With the triumph of her two single hits Don’t Be So Shy ar Will Never Know, all the way to the original soundtrack of the film Sous les jupes des filles, Imany has been achieving milestones, all over the world. After taking a break, to rest from series of long international tours, Imany is now coming back up on stage to blend the tone her voice with the warm acoustic sounds of a cello orchestra: a meeting you definitely wo want to miss!

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