Bkerzay’s natural and private getaway in the Chouf mountains, offers a guesthouse in a traditional Lebanese architectural setting, surrounded by breathtaking views. lush landscapes and wildlife.

As an eco-friendly conservation project, Bkerzay aims to preserve the natural beauty of Lebanon, with guesthouses carefully designed to mesh with the natural landscapes, without removing a single tree.

Indulge in culinary experiences, relax by the poolside, or immerse in wellness in the private spa and hammam rooms. The Bkerzay community awaits.

The pottery studio and workshop space were the founding cornerstones of Bkerzay. Led by our talented master potter Ahmad Deif, the pottery studio welcomes ceramic lovers from all levels and from all ages. The space extends peaceful and inspiring experiences, amidst the backdrop of nature. The pottery studio also offers master classes, and showcases the work of renowned pottery artists along with local talents in various events and exhibitions.


Bkerzay guesthouse and project, Baakline.

Tel: 03512020