“Chez Maguy has been around for 26 years. Her love and passion for the sea started a long time ago. She did what she knew best and that was diving. After her husband’s death, she decided to live from the sea and with the sea. After selling fish at the closest market, her friends started to ask for more:”Maguy, why don’t you cook for us?”.

“Your today’s catch with a plate of hummus is all what we are asking for”. It took more than 20 years for Maguy’s place to get famous. I honestly thought it’s a new restaurant. She dove day and night and caught a variety of seafood to sell to the local fish market. Her knowledge and passion for fish quickly gained her recognition.

She then started selling fish in her parents home, where she lived, and built a small place to sell the fish. Slowly she added a kitchen, a living room and bedrooms… Then after, she would catch the fish and prepare the day’s catch and welcome people to come eat, along side a variety of Lebanese mezze which she learned to prepare herself…

You eat what Maguy’s children do. Same quality and same taste. A simple and humble restaurant, Chez Maguy has become a stop where people come to enjoy good food in an unpretentious environment.  She has been written about in Paris Match, The New York Times and Le Figaro to name a few, but her simplicity remains…”

Chez Maguy restaurant is an authentic fish restaurant in the old district of Batroun within a walking distance from main attraction, such as Pheonician wall, Saydet el Baher church, makad el Mir, el Bahsa beach….

contact info

Phone Number: +961-3-439 147

Makaad el Mir, Batroun