The Hammam al-Nouri built around 1333 by the Mamluk governor Nur El-Din, in the vicinity of the Grand Mosque, is still in good condition and in use although its fa├žade is obscured by modern shop fronts. It differs from the baths of Izzedin ( Izz El-Din ) in that the dressing room and the tepidarium are built on a smaller scale. On the other hand the hot water steam hall is large and is surrounded by a series of private bathing alcoves (ma qsoura).

The interior is decorated with multicolored marble pavement, basins and fountains and from the exterior one can get a view of its cluster of domes perforated with light holes with protruding blue and green glass roundels.

How to get there

Its located inside the old Souks of Tripoli, in the Goldsmith Souk near Al Mansouri al Kabeer Mosque/Free entrance.