Since the middle of the 19th century, Adloun has received an increased interest at its southern coast, which allowed its historical sites, in spite of the excavation works that remained limited and chronologically non-continuous, to be ranked as one of the most important historical sites on the Eastern Mediterranean coast from Prehistory till late years of the Byzantine era.

Located 20 km from Saida, Adloun is known for its prehistoric caves. The entrance to the cave is inaccessible to visitors. Not far away are also the tombs dug into the hillside facing the sea; these are tombs dating from the Iron Age to the Romano-Byzantine period.

The evidence of human occupation of Abri Zumoffen (or Aadloun I) has been dated as far back as 70,000 BCE with occupation of Bezez Cave (Aadloun II) dating back even further into the earlier Middle Paleolithic.

Amongst the finds in these caves were massive trapezoidal axes, chisels, a chopper, points, a pick, rough scrapers, blades, cores and hammerstones. The finds led to suggest that Adloun cave was a factory site for such tools