Hardine is a village of the upper Batroun region known as the Lourdes of Lebanon. Hardine is famous for its red-tiled houses, its many historic places of worship, its majestic Roman temple dedicated to Mercury and

But the most unique site in Hardine is its inclined natural plate known as the tile of Hardine ( بلاطة حردين ) that runs through it, giving it a unique surreal aspect and showing the action of the tectonic plates millions years ago that shaped Mount Lebanon’s relief.

What is Tectonics movements??? This includes Plate Tectonics, which explains the structure of the Earth’s lithosphere (outer shell) and the forces that drive changes in its structure.

The «rocky tile of Hardine» with its marine fossils and its unique length of 350 m along a slope to the west and its width of nearly l00m.