Only 20 meters away from the beach, Blue Marlin promises positive vibes in a zen atmosphere, besides a comfortable accommodation. The building has recently been restored to the original architecture, enhancing its vintage character. The walls were built from sandstone, chipped out of the Phoenician Wall.

Inhabitants used to sculpt them and build structures more than 2000 years ago, to assure protection against storms and invaders. These stones are so rare nowadays, they are considered historical heritage. Now you have the chance to experience the most authentic hospitality of Batroun here.

Discover the charm of Blue Marlin

The beach house has 5 different apartments. Each one of them has the sole purpose to meet your needs and fit your preferences. Blue Marlin welcomes you to a marvelous hall and a private garden, designed for families, or larger groups of friends.

Blue Bird is a nest with a terrace overlooking the charming backyard garden. A very idyllically apartment, perfect for couples, or families with children. Las, but not least, we have three smaller apartments, Bohemian 1, 2 and 3. They can be booked separately, or together. Two of them are overlooking the sea and one the mountains.



Batroun, Seaside road.

Phone: 03495246


A perfect Getaway