It is one of the most beautiful and largest forests in Lebanon. It encompasses about three hundred thousand trees of Cedrus Libani Type; some of these trees are eternal couting than 1000 years. it is considered as one of the raresst and noblest forests due to the types of trees.

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In addition, the forest embraces more than one hundread endangered rock herbs and will flowers; dozens of species of birds and wild animals lurked this forest as well as different types of mushrooms.

Prince Bashir sought refuge at one of its forests to flee from the army of governor; consequently, the forest was denominated from that period the shelter forest or the shelter of Prince Bashir.

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On both sides of the region, oak, juniper, pine tannins, arbutus and laurel were grown up; as well as, the roofs of houses, building and barns were built from cedars and juniper until the twentieth century.

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