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Thought to have been built in the 19th century BC, the Temple of the Obelisks is an unusual temple. It speaks volumes about the strong connection that Byblos had with Ancient Egypt, to which the city state exported cedar-wood and other valuable products. 

obelisk temple byblos 3 (1)

obelisk temple byblos 1 (1)

The temple contained a cella (inner sanctuary) in which stood a large monumental obelisk dedicated to the Egyptian god of war, Resheph. Other smaller obelisks that still stand to this day dotted the temple’s courtyard, each of which is thought to have been erected by a pious person wanting to eternalize his presence near the deity.

Upon the excavation of this temple, archaeologists found treasures of offerings to the gods. Those artifacts are now mostly on display at the National Museum in Beirut. Note that this temple was moved to its current location by archaeologists to allow them to excavate further below. The Temple of the Obelisks was in fact originally built over a predecessor, the L-shaped temple also dedicated to Resheph.

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