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Kfardebian natural water-crafted bridge is called “Jisr al-Hajar” or the “Stone Bridge” with an arch measuring 38 metres

Kfardebian natural bridge, this splendid natural bridge, one of the greatest in the world with its 50-metre span, overhangs a basin full of enormous blocks of stone that have crashed down from the sides. A keen eye easily discovers fossilized seashells embedded in the surrounding strata, dating back 200 million years.

They delight collectors and excite the wonder of geologists and men of learning. The springs of water, the natural bridge and the temples all in such close proximity make this upper valley of Naher el Kaleb a favorite haunt of hikers and sightseers, for whom Nature displays her captivating contrasts of power and of controlled violence, of austerity and of generous abundance, of disturbing question-raising phenomena and of long-vanished deep religious sensibilities.