Hadchit and Bcharri were important military quarters for the Romans due to their location which allowed the militaries to keep surveillance over all the surrounding areas, especially the pathway to Tripoli “Documanus Maximus” along Qadisha River which the Phoenicians used. They even built bridges along the river that survived up till 100 years ago and were also used by the locals until they were demolished.

There was a huge temple established in Hadshit for the one of the Roman gods. It is unclear whether it belonged to the god Apollo, Jupiter or Bakhus, but archaeologists agree that it was bigger than any building in the area. Unfortunately, this temple was completely destroyed and the stones and columns that remained were used for building new churches. Some people even took the liberty to turn some of the remnants of the temple into ornaments in their houses.

The Roman Statue
Perhaps, the only remaining relic that is still intact is the statue of a Roman emperor that is displayed next to Mar Romanos Church in Hadchit. The statue was found during modern excavations and placed next to the Church of Saint Romanos.