A small town known primarily for its ancient Roman artifacts, Furzol lies at six kilometers northeast of Zahle on the way to Baalbek. .Remains of a now-destroyed Roman temple dedicated to Apollo lie at the center of town.

At higher elevations, you’ll find Wadi al-Habees (The valley of the hermit), containing a group of Byzantine, Roman, and Canaanite tombs and stone temples.  The caves of Wadi el-Habis  occur at regular intervals and are partly natural, partly man-made. All are cut in the shape of a dome and most of them have a reservoir dug in the center, Look for a niche with a carved cone-like shape inside it. This probably represents a god sculpted in an archaic way according to local semitic tradition. 

Beneath Furzol’s rock formations is a network of chambers and caves,  with narrow passages connecting the floors like hamster tunnels.

At the foot of the valley there is a local restaurant surrounded by grottoes, some of which are natural, others man-made. Facing this site on a hill, you’ll find a quarry boasting beautiful panoramic landscapes among the rocks.